#sketchsquall update: March challenge

At the close of last month’s #sketchsquall challenge, I picked four of the ideas to develop further. The plan is to spend one week on each. The ones I chose were numbers 1, 8, 9 and 28 (scroll down to see the #sketchsquall images).

It’s the end of week one, and I’m happy with the progress–I’ve done some sketching, begun to plan out an image to paint, and even have some text, scribbled on a post-it. After spending quality time with this idea, I still like it–and even better, I think it has pb potential, which is good news. 🙂

On to idea #8 tomorrow!

Day 12 (a day late)

One comment on my 2020 post for #Storystorm said I should do something with the squirrels–which I thought was a good idea. But it’s been several years since I drew those little fellows, and I wasn’t sure I remembered how to draw them (!), so it took some time to get back into the squirrel vibe. Not the best excuse, but it’s all I have. 🙂