Day 17

This #Storystorm idea is based on memories of my father showing me how animation works. When I was around four, he made me a little flip book: it was a stick figure of a man in a bowler hat kicking a football–as he kicked, his hat fell off his head backwards, and the ball went spiraling off in the other direction. Today, I thought I would try to make a 3D character out of the little stick figure, but this little guy showed up instead!

Day 6

My notes for the sixth day of the #Storystorm challenge (which was January 6) are:

“anger/disappointment, tantrums, out of control, screaming, yelling, breaking things, mobs, going along with something against your better judgment . . .”

You get the picture. But I couldn’t come up with a convincingly angry toddler–so I settled for sad. And I think I’m done with this idea.