Day 14

The prompts for this #sketchsquall challenge are the ideas gathered during January’s #Storystorm–so Day 14 reflects whatever i was thing on January 14. It just happened that my idea on that day was about holding on. This is an important concept for me–the necessity of finding a way to hold on in tough times. Finding someone to hug seemed to work happily with Valentine’s Day.

Day 10

This was going to be about Distraction–as a bad thing. How you’re trying to do your best, but keep getting distracted. But as I was sketching, I was keeping an eye on the impeachment trial, with the new, horrific, video evidence. So then it was going to be a child watching tv, and this spirit of distraction trying to protect him. But that was too dark for me. So now there’s a child reading, and the Distraction Monster is more of a happy Imagination figure. Better? I don’t know.

Day 7

On #Storystorm day seven, there was a news item about the plight of Northern White Rhinos–I think a Southern White Rhino had just given birth. I thought: “Rhinos, hmm. Never have tried to draw one.” Was not prepared for their wonky little legs. Not sure I’m the best choice for a rhino story, but they are kind of cute . . .

Day 6

My notes for the sixth day of the #Storystorm challenge (which was January 6) are:

“anger/disappointment, tantrums, out of control, screaming, yelling, breaking things, mobs, going along with something against your better judgment . . .”

You get the picture. But I couldn’t come up with a convincingly angry toddler–so I settled for sad. And I thing I’m done with this idea.