#sketchsquall thoughts

It’s March 1! The February challenge to come up with one sketch a day, based on January’s #Storystorm ideas, is done. I will miss having the day’s sketch to think about, but, truthfully, at some point, it becomes an exercise in getting the sketch finished and posted, rather than exploring the viability of the picture book idea. Not that FINISHING something (even if it’s merely “finishing” a sketch to the point where it reads coherently) is a bad thing!

This year’s #Storystorm ideas were a sad and meager bunch. Maybe the slow grind of the pandemic is to blame. I don’t know. For the most part, the sketches were more successful than the ideas–meaning, I think I can develop some portfolio pieces from them, even if the picture book projects never materialize. So that’s good.

Thank you for those who “liked” the sketches on IG and Twitter. I enjoyed getting reacquainted with IG friends after a year off. 🙂 Special thanks to Sue Macartney, who hung in there with me for the whole month and came up with some REALLY cute and clever ideas that I hope we’ll see more of. And, as always, thanks to Tara Lazar, whose fabulous #Storystorm challenge is still the best way to kick off your creative year.

Till next time, here’s a chicken who did not make the cut for Day 6, and is apparently still upset about it.

Day 20

This #Storystorm went from “head gear,” which I thought (and still do think) would make a cute graphic board book, to an outrageous hat with feathers (resulting in a bad sketch I will call “practice”); to chickens wearing hats; to one very large chicken, possibly due to watching a Roadrunner cartoon where a very tiny Coyote finally caught the normal-sized, and thus, giant Roadrunner. I might go back to the chickens wearing hats, but for now, this is all I’ve got.