It’s Rutabaga Boo-Day!

R-Boo happy day

R Boo coverMy gratitude to Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, who came up with the idea; to the book’s editor at Atheneum, Emma Ledbetter, who thought my artwork would be a good fit and supported my vision throughout; to Ann Bobco, who art-directed with such care and respect–and, as always, to my agent, Marietta Zacker, advocate and one-woman cheering section.

For some background and art process talk, please check out the interview post on my friend Elizabeth Dulemba’s blog.

Love to all!!

Assignment LA

LA assignment

Those attending the Illustrator Intensive at the recent SCBWI Summer Conference in LA were given an assignment to push a previously unsuccessful portfolio piece into a better place. Above is my “after” (and no, I’m not posting the “before”–it was THAT bad!). Still not entirely happy with the piece as it relates to the story, but it *is* better than it was–so, mission accomplished!

My own Pippi Longstocking


This girl haunted me for a long time. She was in my class at school–second grade, I think. She showed up one day at a neighborhood pool wearing a pillowcase, the ripped top edge held together with two clothespins, with a beaded “Indian” belt around her waist. Mini-me was horrified, thinking she had nothing else to wear. I didn’t know what to do. It was only years later as an adult with children myself, that it occurred to me maybe she was just an outrageous child with little parental oversight taking pride in her ability to craft a new outfit. That’s how I choose to remember her now. Wherever she is today, I hope the revised version was the true one, and I salute her spirit.